Support at Every Stage of the Process

Our team of health and safety specialists is present at every important stage of the process to help you make the best technological choices. Firstly, to offer you a unique global solution adapted to your organization’s needs, but also to help you with the technical integration of the various modules, and to train you towards full autonomy.

Diagnostics Planning Integration Training Follow-up Optimization

Multiple Benefits for your Organization

Reduce up to 30% of your administrative time spent on health and safety.

Save on your operating costs and CNESST contributions.

Benefit from the expertise of a team of over 40 OHS consultants, including engineers, electromechanics, ergonomists, industrial hygienists, and more.

Gather a large amount of critical information, including lockout/tagout sheets, incident reports, and more, in one secure location and access it anytime through a simple Internet connection.

Participate in the continuous improvement process of software development by providing feedback and specifying your health and safety needs.

Be part of a vast network of health and safety managers, sharing tools and expertise with companies with a similar profile to yours.