Technical software

Discover our different technical modules on confined spaces and lockout, designed and tested by experts in the field. Thanks to these intuitive and efficient modules, the management of interventions in confined spaces or of your lockout procedures has never been easier.

Are you looking to centralize all your documents related to confined space interventions such as characterization and risk sheets, permits and much more?

Discover our CLOS module designed to facilitate confined space interventions for your permit issuers and supervisors as well as for entrants holding a confined space entry permit.

It’s a complete OHS module that guides you step by step in creating your documents and allows you to find them all in one place. Thanks to CLOS, you can find all your risk sheets up-to-date and accessible at all times, while being able to render a permit unusable, in the event of risks, with just one click.

In addition to easily tracking everyone’s role, CLOS allows you to ensure that all parties involved in the intervention have the necessary documents to perform a safe intervention.

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