Manage your OHS differently

Discover our various OHS management modules designed and tested by experts in the field. From the investigation to the analysis of accidents, including inspection and the management of corrective measures, everything has been thought out to help you manage your various health and safety actions effectively and to reduce your administrative burden.

Corrective Actions Tracking

Are your corrective actions and risk control methods multiplying? Do you spend most of your time monitoring your various OHS to-do lists?
Are your inspections, accident investigations, and workplace health and safety committee adding up to more tasks than you can keep track of?

Gather all these items in one place and manage your actions at a glance and in order of priority!
Not only will you save time, but you will also be able to keep track of the actions being taken and see their progress in real-time. Thanks to the Corrective Action Tracking Unit, you can have a legitimate tool for managing health and safety on a daily basis.

Whether by source, manager, or expected implementation date, you can follow the global or detailed evolution of your health and safety situation online, wherever and whenever you want.
Perfectly integrated with the other solution units, such as Accident Investigation and Analysis, Inspections and Audits, or Dangerous Occurrences Declaration, you can say goodbye to numerous lists and define the order in which you want to take action.

So, if you want to lighten your administrative burden, save precious time, and simplify and efficiently manage your corrective actions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Mesures correctives