Manage your OHS differently

Discover our various OHS management modules designed and tested by experts in the field. From the investigation to the analysis of accidents, including inspection and the management of corrective measures, everything has been thought out to help you manage your various health and safety actions effectively and to reduce your administrative burden.


Do you regularly perform inspections on paper forms and your inspection grids tend to accumulate and multiply, making follow-ups much more difficult?

Transition to a new era and switch to our Inspections and Audits Unit!

No matter the type of inspection (safety harnesses, other equipment, ladders and stepladders, behavioral observation, safety guards, first-aid kits, fire extinguishers…), centralize your inspections, audits, and verifications and track their completion at the desired frequency.

Whether you are in a factory, an office, or on different construction sites, the updated content is available everywhere in real-time. The nonconformity is handled easily and quickly thanks to our Corrective Action Tracking Unit.

In addition to automatically escalating the nonconformity to the appropriate person based on risk level, the unit provides standard inspection models and guides you through the inspection process by asking you relevant questions. This ensures that every inspection task is covered.

Say goodbye to paper forms and lighten your administrative load. Manage and schedule your inspections and audits efficiently by contacting us.